Uncovering facts about Ohio’s natural gas and oil resources

Chris Burnette of Southwestern Elementary School in Patriot was able to incorporate several of the OOGEEP lessons into his Ohio History class when covering the section on Ohio's regions and their natural resources. Thanks to the OOGEEP workshop, Burnette was able to explain the process of natural gas and oil to his class more thoroughly. Burnette said, "I was able to explain migration and trapping between different rock types. It allowed me to take my lesson on economic regions to a new level. The students were amazed at the process—how complicated it is and how much effort and manpower it takes."

Burnette then expanded the lesson by talking about how oil and gas are transported to the necessary places for best use. He said, "We looked at pipelines and storage tanks as well as refineries. The students were excited to learn how refineries took the crude oil and turned it to other usable fuels. This knowledge and these lessons helped my students to gain a much better understanding of the oil and gas business."

Burnette said, "The OOGEEP workshop provided the knowledge, skills, and ability for me to teach my students more about the drilling, collecting, storage, transporting, and refining of today's natural gas and oil. That knowledge allowed me to produce a more effective lesson for my students across curriculum. I would definitely recommend the workshop to other teachers; it was time well spent.”

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