Filling in knowledge gaps

What’s moving around beneath your feet? Porosity and permeability are two of the primary factors controlling the movement and storage of fluids in rocks and sediments. Hope Bradshaw taught her 7th grade science class at Meadowbrook Middle School about these topics using lessons from the Ohio Oil and Gas Energy Education Program (OOGEEP) workshop. Bradshaw said her students enjoyed the activities, which use hands-on methods and objects to teach the topics. “I think it really helped them to better understand the concepts. They seemed to have a hard time grasping them until we did the activities.”

Thanks to the workshop, Bradshaw said, “I am able to answer questions that I wasn't able to before. It was very informative.”

Bradshaw incorporated different types of soil into the porosity and permeability lesson. She said, “I had our local water and soil conservation group come in and present to my classes on soil and water contamination and treatment. They did discuss oil and other pollutants entering the water shed and the damages it can cause.”

Did you know that consumers are responsible for most oil contamination incidents? OOGEEP provides speakers to talk to your students or group about the safety measures that the oil and natural gas industry uses to prevent contamination.