Tackling pipe transportation system

“I thoroughly enjoyed the OOGEEP workshop this past summer.  It was one of the best I have attended in my 20 plus years teaching,” said Jerry Robinson. He teaches at Utica Shale Academy Belmont in Barnesville, Ohio. As part of an oil and gas class, Robinson had his students work to create a pipeline system using PVC pipe, fittings, and a small ball. This was to demonstrate the careful planning and preparation that goes into constructing pipelines to transport crude oil, water, or natural gas over long distances.

Students were tasked with transporting the ball from point A to point B through the pipes, determining elevations and angles to get the ball through. “The students enjoyed the hands-on activity and were very engaged,” Robinson said. “I can definitely say this workshop made me a better teacher.”

This activity is part of the Producing and Transporting curriculum on the OOGEEP website.