Discovering an oil well on campus

Perry High School instructor Sarah Rivera used material from the OOGEEP teacher workshop in her Environmental Science class. “I used the resource material (posters, brochures, samples of petroleum/oil) a LOT for my class. The documents about fracking, oil production, and where oil is located in Ohio were so very useful for the students to get a visual representation of what is going on with oil and gas around them. As it turns out, the students discovered we have an oil well on our campus! They were so interested in this and we even went and took a walk to go see it.”

Rivera said her main goals were to educate the students about the crude oil and natural gas drilling that is going on around them, inform them about hydraulic fracturing and also make them more aware that mostly everything they use on a daily basis is made from a petroleum product. She said, “The students were in awe of how much depends on oil, and they were asking a lot of good questions about hydraulic fracturing because of how much it happens in our area.”

Rivera found the OOGEEP workshop provided incredible resources and knowledge for promoting oil and gas education. She commented, “I think this is an area that is severely lacking in science education, and something that is pertinent to all grade levels and all students. I feel like after the workshop, I am more prepared to teach these concepts to my Environmental Science class, and tell other educators in my building about attending the workshop.”

Rivera said she would definitely recommend this workshop to others. “It allowed us to not only network with other educators and share ideas about the topic and what we teach, but it broadened our knowledge of the topic of oil and natural gas. I really enjoyed the hands-on activities where we had to work as a team, and the field trip was great because we got to see the oil rigs in action.”