New understanding of production and hydraulic fracturing

Ann Marie Martin of Austintown Fitch High School said the OOGEEP teacher workshop was “very informative and educational”. Martin said that due to the workshop’s content, “This year I feel I can better discuss where oil and gas comes from and how it is produced. Now I have pictures and better diagrams to use in teaching.”

Martin covers recycling and how petroleum is used in her 9th grade Physical Science class.  Her students are researching different uses for petroleum. Next, they will present their findings to the class. Martin’s goal is for the students to understand what products are made from petroleum and how often they are used. 

Martin said, “I am very fortunate to have taken this workshop. I feel that it has given me a better understanding of the pipeline process, but also has made me realize that hydraulic fracturing is just part of the process and not a bad thing if done correctly. I would definitely recommend this workshop to others so they gain a better understanding of the hydraulic fracturing process.”

Use these lessons on petrochemicals to help your students understand the wide variety of everyday products made from crude oil.