Learning about local oil and gas industry

“This was such an awesome experience for me to bring educational content back to share with students,” said Stephanie Plumly, Barnesville High School teacher. “I’ll be able to help them better understand the industry that is operating in our backyards.”

“The workshop made me more comfortable in talking about the issues and subject matter with my students and other people in the community. I would absolutely recommend this workshop to any teacher!” Plumly said. “In areas where natural oil and gas are booming, this content can be tied into any subject. The more students understand this industry, the better off we will all be.”

Plumly teaches high school agriculture in Belmont County. She and her students worked through the curriculum available at OOGEEP. “My goals were to help the students gain a better understanding of the industry that has been coming into our county. The kids loved the hands-on nature of the course and did retain the information,” she said. Plumly noted that building the oil rig was a particular favorite.

OOGEEP regularly holds teacher workshops to educate teachers about the crude oil and natural gas industry and the science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) principles at work. During the workshop, professional educators walk teachers step-by-step through OOGEEP’s curriculum, including demonstrations of multiple hands-on science labs. The sessions also include guest industry speakers and field visits to active oil and gas sites in the region.