Workshop kit provides valuable materials

Tracey Braho teaches biology and chemistry for 10th through 12th grades at Akron East Community Learning Center. She found the Ohio Oil and Gas Energy Education workshop very helpful because of her school’s limited funding and appreciated useful materials provided.

In the classroom, Braho’s students learned about the formation of crude oil and natural gas, then used these cards to create a graphic organizer explaining the process. Braho liked the fact that the cards could be laminated and used again with future classes. The students also completed the porosity and permeability lab from the Migration and Trapping curriculum, using different sponges to evaluate and measure porosity and permeability.

Braho said since the population of her classes is primarily urban, they respond better to active learning. “They enjoyed interacting with the materials and seeing how absorbency varied. They understand the concepts now.”

Braho said she’d definitely recommend the workshop to other teachers. “I get no funding, so I really appreciate the supplies,” said Braho. She shared her kit with the environmental science teacher in her building.