Seeing Twinkies in a whole new light

Allison Jakubec is an Environmental Science teacher at Austintown Fitch High School. Her students recently completed the Sweet Explorations lab activity in class. This lesson involves ‘drilling’ in a Twinkie with a drinking straw to learn about horizontal compared to vertical drilling and other drilling topics. Jakubec said, “Drilling is a hot topic that affects my students’ daily lives.”

“The students were able to see why certain drilling procedures are necessary. They actively asked questions and helped each other with the lab.  Using that information, they brainstormed additional drilling procedures in various locations,” said Jakubec.  

“I really enjoyed coming to the OOGEEP workshop to learn new techniques for teaching the various topics in environmental science. I would absolutely recommend this workshop.  It is extremely informative and the field experience is amazing.  It’s always interesting to see first-hand what is around the area.”

See the Sweet Explorations activity and other curriculum.